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1. What is Crypto Confidential?

Crypto Confidential is a premium monthly newsletter offering insights on what's happening in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Through Crypto Confidential we aim to cut through the noise and bring to you honest and credible opinions from the world of cryptos. Crypto Confidential will give you access to crypto guru Tama Churchouse's views on the comings and goings of the crypto world, through his man in India - Prasheel Vartak.

Not only that, Crypto Confidential is a means for you to access insights from our global group of crypto experts.

With Crypto Confidential our mission is to empower individuals with the best knowledge and insights so that they can take advantage of the best opportunities in the cryptocurrency space, while avoiding ill-informed risks and traps.

2. Why should I sign up for Crypto Confidential?

Bitcoin, cryptos and the blockchain have taken the world by storm. 2017 has undoubtedly been the breakthrough year for bitcoin and cryptos as a whole. But they're far from done. We believe cryptos and blockchain are here to stay. This is not a short-term fad that will disappear as fast as it has grown. It could be a paradigm shift in money and economics. And going forward, it could have the potential to transform not just money, but also how organisations and industries function.

There has been a phenomenal rise in the price of cryptos, altcoins, etc. And there are predictions everyday calling the end of this so-called bubble. But this new technology is still in a nascent stage and it will go through its evolutionary process. Some adopters of this technology will grow phenomenally, others will get obliterated. Some people will make fortunes. Others will lose money. Whatever you do, the one thing you cannot afford to do is remain ignorant about this new technology.

3. What can I expect from each issue of Crypto Confidential?

Crypto Confidential will offer you:

  1. Insights, opinions and views on bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies
  2. Latest developments in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain
  3. Practical information and useful tips on crypto exchanges, storing and securing cryptocurrencies in crypto wallets
  4. Updates and alerts on the regulatory and legal aspects of cryptocurrencies

Basically, everything you need by your side while navigating this volatile world of cryptos and blockchain.

4. Who is the Editor of Crypto Confidential?

Prasheel Vartak is the Editor of Crypto Confidential. Prasheel has been a keen follower of Bitcoin and the blockchain technology for nearly five years now. He now works closely with international crypto guru Tama Churchouse.

5. Who is Tama Churchouse?

Tama is an investment analyst and our international crypto guru. He has a degree in Economics from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London.

He worked with investment banks around the world on new forms of financial derivatives structuring. He helped start a high-net-worth family office and co-founded the financial newsletter publisher Stansberry Churchouse Research.

But over the past few years, he's managed to gain access to a little-known and extremely private group of cryptocurrency experts. It contains some of the most important people in the crypto world...including the founders of most major cryptocurrencies...the CEOs of the world's top cryptocurrency at cryptocurrency hedge funds and venture capital funds. Today, he sits on the board of directors of one of the world's top cryptocurrency companies.

Tama-Richard is a keen investor, opening his first brokerage account at the age of 16. Having himself made a small fortune on cryptocurrencies, he is now mentoring Prasheel to guide cryptocurrency enthusiasts in India.

6. How frequently will I receive Crypto Confidential?

Crypto Confidential is a monthly newsletter. You will receive a PDF document in your inbox first Wednesday of every month.

7. Will there be cryptocurrency recommendations?

Crypto Confidential will offer credible information and insights on cryptocurrencies as well as practical tips to safely traverse the crypto universe. However, given the lack of regulatory framework, it is not a recommendation service.

8. What will Crypto Confidential not offer?

Crypto Confidential is not a cryptocurrency recommendation service, and will not be making any buy/sell/hold recommendations whatsoever.

9. Is it legal to deal in cryptos in India?

It's ambiguous. There is nothing that we know which makes cryptos illegal. Having said that it's a fact that presently there is a lack of regulatory framework, which does not make cryptos legal as well. So, like we said, it's ambiguous.