About the Editor

Prasheel Vartak

Prasheel Vartak, Editor, Crypto Confidential has worked at Equitymaster and has now moved to a new role...he is now working with Crypto Guru Tama Churchouse to bring you views and opinions from the world of bitcoins and blockchains.

He had his first brush with the world of cryptocurrencies in 2012, way before most other people, when a client paid him one Bitcoin (at the time one Bitcoin was worth just US$ 15).

That one Bitcoin created a life-long curiosity of cryptocurrencies. His passion and research into cryptos has led him to gain not just knowledge but perspective too. And he has once again taken exposure to bitcoin - this time equipped with knowledge and expert counsel.

About the Guru

Tama Churchouse

Tama Churchouse is one of Asia's leading Investment Analysts. He has a degree in Economics from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London.

Tama helped start a high-net-worth family office... and co-founded the financial newsletter publisher Stansberry Churchouse Research.

In recent times, Tama has managed to gain access to a little-known and extremely private group of millionaires and billionaires in the most explosive new investment asset in the world, cryptocurrencies.